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Domestic and Kitchen Design Services

We offer kitchen drafting and design services, where we would visit the house or building you would like to have the kitchen fitted, take measurements, locate and document where your services enter the house/kitchen or building. Consider your design requirements and then offer you several proposals to view. With your feedback, we are happy to make further amendments, to one of the decided proposals. We offer floor plans, elevations, lighting design, full services location, which includes your gas, electric, water and ventilation.

Design Services

Landscape Design Services and Site Planning

If you are a home owner, property developer or a builder, looking to improve the external areas of a property, we offer to analyse, plan and design the landscape for you. Taking on board your ideas by examining the site (i.e. known as a site survey), which allows us to use the full potential of the design and proposed landscape. These works often involve a topography survey, preliminary design and estimating project budget, taking into consideration key design elements, such as mass, form and line.

We offer CAD services for producing existing and proposed drawing(s), showing the footprint of the building(s) along with the site boundaries. The benefits of site planning include; observing how the interior of the property relates to its surroundings, this process will provide a better idea of the space you are proposing (i.e. compared to using photographs). We can provide a property layout and building floor plan. This will also help you to imagine potential design options and gain a better insight, to a design that will give you a return of your investment (ROI).

We have experience in designing large landscapes, such as playgrounds to landscape restorations, along with small projects from decking, and to water feature design.

Interior Design Services

We offer Interior Design Services such as designing the interior decoration of a room or building, which requires the combination of art, science and technology. Since we spend a lot of time inside buildings, whether that’s sleeping or working, home, or the office, it is paramount to create indoor spaces that are comfortable and beneficial to our well-being, in order to enhance quality of life.

Our professional team members have formal education, professional qualifications and experiences, to enhance our team’s creativity and artistic flair. We offer the design and planning requirements for your interior space, whether that be residence, retail, hospitality, commercial offices or health care facilities.

We gain an understanding of the end users behaviour, whether the purpose is to; maximise the space, open up a space (open plan), seamlessly connect the internal space with the external, renovate your existing space, or just to help you decide the overall look you would like to create, considering many aspects, which include space, form, texture, colour and lighting.

We are a company who pride ourselves with our services when it comes to current trends, innovations and the end user, including safety, sustainability, and the environment.

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