Our Previous Clients

Here you can find all the information about some of our previous clients who we have undertaken various services for. 

We provided drawing services for Abodial Ltd. This was to size up and draw a building on Museum Place, Cardiff, CF10 3BD. The building was bought over and due to have works done, and so a drawing was needed to see the size and dimensions. The turnaround for this work was 1 week.

We provided 2D drawings of the headquarters of the Transport for Wales. We inserted a variety of tables and chairs and then also provided the CAD .dwg drawings so they could be amended when needed by Transport for Wales.

For D&M Building Services we provided CAD drawings of the outside of a specific house. This was for their marketing purposes. We provided a dwg and png of the outside of the house with the inputs requested by the individuals at D&M Building Services.

We have provided drawings in 3D for the Natural Resources Wales. This was to provide a 3D drawing for works that needed to be carried out. This was specifically to create a structure, a container and a toilet block in 3D.

Below you can find some examples of drawings done for our previous clients:

We will continue to add clients to this page. If you’re interested in the services we offer then please feel free to check out the OUR SERVICES page to find out what we can offer. You can also check out our CONTACT US page to contact us for queries.