Specialist Drone Services


Our Inspection drone services. Conducting visual inspections is made far safer, easier and cost effective through the deployment of drones. In just a couple of hours on site, we’ve been able to inspect hard-to-reach places that would have otherwise required the implementation of costly and time-consuming access provisions such as the erecting of scaffolding or high-rope access. They would have also required man entry and potentially putting a human life in an unnecessarily high-risk situation. Contractors we have served in the past have been praised by their client for the initiative to engage with us to save costs and reduce risk.

Among other things, we have deployed our drones into large concrete water tanks that have shown signs of failure and settlement tanks at Water Treatment Works to inspect scrapers and associated mechanical components. We’ve inspected the roof of a pump house which had suffered unknown levels fire damage which meant that man-entry was deemed too dangerous and checked the levels of tanks where digital level-reading devices had failed.

Whatever your inspection requirements, we look forward to discussing your requirements.


Media drone services, for anyone who has heard of a drone and knows what they are, this will be an obvious one. When we were finished taking photos of landscapes, we turned our hand to finding a more practical commercial application for a camera which could go almost anywhere. We’ve taken photos of construction sites which have been used in presentations to clients for progress updates, photos of water treatment plants for managers to circulate to their teams to give ‘the lie of the land,’ domestic homes as a keep sake and also regular visits during the building of an extension just as a memento or something to show to family and friends or post on social media. We’ve also used the drone for inspections in areas that would normally be dangerous to enter (see below). We are also available for estate agency photography (either commissioned direct through the property owner or through the estate agent) and holiday lets.

As part of a wider team, we are also available to hire for film productions for anything from promotional videos for local businesses to filming for national broadcasting corporations.


3D mapping drone services are available. Using GPS technology combined with aerial imagery and powerful imaging stitching software, we are able to create 3D models of housing sites, structures, industrial plant and greenfield sites. This data can be used as a visual aid to show contractors, employees and visitors to site what to expect. In some instances it can remove the need to visit site all together.

The data can also be used to generate Point Cloud surveys for use in CAD and BIM design. Furthermore it can be done at a fraction of the cost of a traditional topographical survey and without the need to acquire permission to enter land.

On our user-friendly online software, even in if you have no CAD or BIM software, you’ll be able to interrogate the model yourself and use it to do anything from presenting progress to seeing if what you’re building will fit.

Drone Services

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