Land Surveying

Land Surveying

Topographical Surveys

We provide topographical and land surveying of project site; this survey information will help to identify and map the contours of the ground. Surveying existing features both above or below ground, including features such as trees, buildings, streets, pavements, grids, gullies, fire hydrants, manholes, retaining walls, utility poles and physical obstructions.

We provide baseline survey to tailor all measured surveys to the specific project needs. Our service is flexible as we understand well that every single client need. We can provide a quote from as little as, a red line Ordnance Survey boundary plan, Land Registry plan or an aerial photograph.

We use AutoCAD to produce detailed plans of the virgin ground, built and natural environment, relative to land surveying Co-ordinates relating to existing datum or ordnance Survey (OS) grids. We include information such as; levels, contours, site features, GPS and cross-sections adaptable, to each client request. Our completed drawing files are in PDF, DWG and/or hard copy formats.

Setting-out Services

We offer land surveying and setting out of coordinates, calculated prior to going on site, using applications in CAD software.

Below are our proven processes of how we deliver any setting out project:

  • All total stations are calibrated on a yearly basis, by a trained professional. A certificate of calibration is available for each piece of surveying equipment and can be sent to the client prior to going on site. Tribrach’s and levels are checked on a regular basis to ensure that they are working correctly.
  • Drawings are also checked and overlaid on top of each other, with the topographic survey, to ensure that any discrepancies are easily detected prior to a site visit.
  • Setting out coordinates are calculated prior to going on site using the applications, in CAD software and uploaded onto Leica total stations.
  • Using the total station with the uploaded coordinates, our land surveyors can easily set up a network of control stations and reference objects in order to set out the points required on site.
  • Once the work has been completed on site our surveyors, will check that the position of the building is in line with the design and layout of the plans from the architect, engineer or client.
  • Individual ‘peg checks’ – the coordinated points are checked by tape measure at random intervals, to ensure that the dimension the building is correct. The peg to peg checks will highlight any discrepancies in the coordinated points versus the original architect’s/engineer’s plans and any discrepancies resolved accordingly.
  • We are often asked to set out further building plots, pavements or boundaries not requested in the original scope of the project. All points calculated are checked by tape measure and against the original setting out plan.

General Building Surveying

We offer a building and land surveying service, where we carry out a site survey of the building and document additional information, such as drainage flow. Then go on to draw the existing floor plans later, using CAD. This service means we can provide you with floor Plans of your existing building for many reasons, such as, showing the individual room sizes and overall squared meters, along with the building’s orientation in relation to the north point, to surveying a building in order to produce a ‘fire evacuation plan’.

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Land Surveying​